I am Proger.

I do distinctive works.


  • Web design in Photoshop
  • Vector art in Illustrator
  • User interface design
  • Adaptive & responsive
  • PSD to HTML


  • Single-page AJAX applications
  • HTML 4/5, CSS/ LESS, …
  • JavaScript, jQuery/Zepto, Backbone/Underscore, …
  • Bootstrap, Semantic.gs,
    Normalize.css, …


  • PHP 4+, MySQL 3+, Laravel 3
  • Large data applications
  • System administration
    (*nix, Pagodabox, nginx,
    FastCGI, Rails, …)

In a nutshell

I am in development since 2002. Freelancer since 2009. Run a self-made blog since 2010.

Specializing in web-related technologies. With a home server assembled from old parts.

Coding low-level desktop apps and reverse-engineering for pleasure since 2009.

Passionate, sometimes perfectionistic. Always eager to share knowledge. Occasionally a team leader.

Technical editor at Packt Publishing (Getting started with Laravel 4).

A conscious vegan. Book lover. Volunteer translator on various subjects. Habrahabr member.

My projects

  • Laravel.ru

    Russian department of the popular PHP framework.

    Founded in early 2012 when Laravel 3 was just released it's now a place of meeting for its Russian community.

    Many articles and a large chunk of official documentation have been translated by me.

  • UverseWiki

    Standalone wiki processor using recursive descent parser instead of regular expressions.

    First version dates back to 2010 when I was building my own blog.

    Since then UverseWiki has powered up more than a dozen of my personal and commercial projects.

  • Visual Novel tools

    Page dedicated to fan translations of Japanese visual novel games - extraction, patching, etc.
  • D7X

    Set of functions and classes for developing in Delphi 7 environment, especially Unicode-aware.
  • ApiHook

    Low-level debugging tool helping with reverse-engineering of Windows applications.
  • Lightpath

    Modelling data parsing language written in Delphi.

    As opposed to YACC, ANTLR and other traditional instruments Lightpath doesn't involve a single line of programming.

    It allows construction of data trees using just a single language construct and indentation.

My clients

My code

  • FileDrop

    Native JavaScript file upload library known for its small size and ease of use.

    It is about 500 lines of code including comments and blank lines.

    Supports modern browsers with graceful degradation for legacy agents (IE 6+).

  • HTMLki

    Templating engine with lightweight HTML-like syntax as opposed to conventional programming.

    Traditionally a template contains output instructions arbitrary palced inside HTML code which is often unsafe.

    HTMLki takes different approach: it extends regular HTML constructs with loops, variables, conditions without breaking tag-like syntax.

    Neither programmer nor designer has to care about XSS anymore as it's prevented by default.

  • Sqobot

    Standalone PHP framework for writing distributed crawlers & website parsers.

    It's used in projects like TruePicker where it's distributed across 3 physically separated systems wired together into a network.

    It provides automatic synchronisation of nodes, collected data, patching, error reporting and administration.

  • Deploki

    PHP solution for deploying flexible static websites (like this one).

    Is able to achieve great responsiveness in combination with nginx or other lightweight web server.

  • Squall

    Functional programming library for PHP with over 100 functions.
  • Feeder

    Standalone PHP Atom/RSS feed generator based on my profound spec study.
  • SafePatch

    PHP solution for controlled file patching with automatic backup and transaction rollback on failure.
  • PHP Scripter

    Compact PHP interpretator for simple shell-like scripts with conditions, variables and functions.

    Is used by some of i-Tools.org utilities.

  • LiteComment

    Lightweight Markdown-like text formatter focused on simplicity and speed.

    Uses single regular expression to process the entire source and convert it into HTML.

Case studies

eScapegoat — “Scraping off the sins… while you’re on the go”

Highly adaptive design • For PC, Mac & iPhone

HTML 5 • jQuery • Single-page web application

Client impression: impossible

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Pomavin — “For the color of gold”

4 days • Custom report generation

Laravel • jQuery • Secturity log

Client impression: f… amazing

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Truepicker.com — “When it’s all about the right choice”

Design • Architecture • Team leading • Sysadm

Laravel • jQuery • Backbone • Pagodabox

Client impression: as expected

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