I am Proger.

I create distinctive works.

UI Design

  • Web, mobile & desktop
    Graphical User Interface design
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Axure RP
  • Wireframing & interactive
  • Vector artwork

Web & Mobile


  • C, Delphi, Java, Lua, *asm (IA)
  • Software Architect, Team Lead,
    Chief QA, PM, CTO
  • InfoSec & RCE (Kali, IDA, …)
  • Technical writer, editor,
    game translator

In a Nutshell

I am an entirely self-taught passionate programmer, team leader, sysadmin, designer, researcher, C1 speaker and amateur translator.

In IT since 2002 (online ªsince 2004; ªcode). System administrator since 2006 (before that – self-hosted FreeBSD boxes). Freelance developer and hacker since 2009. UI designer since 2010. ªAmong the first Laravel adopters in Runet (+ ªcore commits in 2012).

First (and most loved) PLsObject Pascal, PHP and JavaScript, each – 15+ years, 100+ KLOC personally written. Preferring vanilla (CSS ªsince 2013) but can figure any framework, extend it or even roll my own.

Made web scrapers, client/servers, grammar-based and binary parsers, regexp- and AST-based text and HTML formatters, in-code bug tracker, code interpreters, pure C, Delphi, PHP and JavaScript libraries, whole games. Versed in Windows internals and ªinfosec ªoverall. Reverse-engineered dozens of Visual Novels, drivers, compression algorithms, network protocols.

Do most coding in G/Vim and Notepad 2e (maintainer since 2013). Prefer Git (used Subversion until 2012), Mantis, GitHub and e-mail. Used to intensively work with Trello.

Have written technical docs (for my projects and of others), articles (first posted ªin 2006), tutorials, specs, translated that too, localized ªanime and games – typed 1000+ A4 pages of natural language texts. Reviewed some books for Packt Publishing.



  • Notepad 2e

    A fork of a lightweight and portable Windows editor used in TortoiseGit.

    In a way, this is what a GUI-centric G/Vim could be – a powerhouse text manipulator: math evaluation, simultaneous editing, grep, PCRE, etc.

    Blazing fast, doesn’t choke on 100+ MiB files, just one EXE file (2 MiB), portable (INI), XP+.

  • SaneC Library

    Ascetic modules that greatly enhance one’s experience with C.

    A C99 reimplementation of exceptions (try/catch/finally), a gcc/clang type-safe OOP, etc.

  • ApiHook

    Low-level debugging tool.

    Assists in reverse-engineering of Windows applications.

    Custom INI-based script format, built-in RPN evaluator, various hook modes, etc.

  • D7X Library

    Originally for (yet) Borland Delphi, with focus on Unicode support.

    Components, functions and classes, even some unit tests. Color console output, SQLite3 C API port, RPN evaluator, etc.

  • More on GitHub

    Other code that I have written over the years, like pure PHP SOCKS4/5 client, RFC-based WebSockets server/client, a CMS for Laravel.ru, etc.




  • HTMLki

    A PHP templating engine seamlessly integrating into the HTML syntax, extending it rather than breaking in.

    Traditionally a template is a mix of custom directives and HTML code. HTMLki is different – it extends the usual HTML tags with loops, variables, conditions, etc.

  • Lightpath

    A modeling data parsing language, “vertical regular expressions”.

    As opposed to YACC, ANTLR and other existing solutions Lightpath doesn’t involve a single line of programming.

    It allows construction of data trees using just a single language construct and indentation.

  • UverseWiki

    A recursive descent parser of complex wiki markup producing an AST. Not regexp-based.

    This one was rewritten 3 times as my developer’s skills were strengthening. Last time – in 2010 and it’s still powering formatting of some websites, like Laravel.ru.

    The markup syntax originated in WackoWiki in early 2000s and was extended by this project.

  • LiteComment

    Lightweight Markdown-like text formatter focused on simplicity and speed.

    It’s using a single regular expression to process the entire source and convert it into HTML.

More Read

“Stage e№” – A Guide To Reverse-Engineering Visual Novels

I’ve written this for one of my online friends back in 2010. This 30-page guide is intended to give an all-round insight into how RCE is performed.

Features IDA Pro, OllyDbg and 010 Editor.

Read on

Historical Visual Novel Tools

I maintained this page in 2009-2013. It's now heavily outdated but still kept around for historical reasons.

All programs were written in Delphi 7. My Unicode units and, later, the D7X library originated here.


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